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We are now offering 

The Original Portal as "Authorized by Huff Paranormal"  & hand made by Gotcha Ghos



You have seen these Modified Amplifiers used and built by Steve Huff when using ghost boxes, spirit boxes, and Paranormal ITC APs. Now you can own a model of your own created based on the specs and put together by an Engineer at Gotcha Ghost. 

Due to high demand for this device, please allow up to 2 weeks before your order ships. These are made to order and some parts are hard to come by. Your patience is appreciated!

Each one is hand built with care!!!

It is known (by continuous research and results) that amplification helps to improve signal reception and output of direct radio voice phenomena (DRVP and EVPs). The number one rule is you need to have a good output speaker to process and hear what is coming through. The release of the Portal idea has taken audio reception and output to a whole new level in ITC research and experimentation. With impressive and sometimes shocking results!

What is a Portal and where did it come from?

The Original Portal was developed by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal. One main difference is that the Portal does not incorporate a sweeping radio signal. Instead, you can use any spirit box of your choice including apps. It is a device that enhances EVP on a scale previously unheard of. The Portal cleans enhances and isolates, direct radio voices. The portal is also a component that follows in the footsteps of devices of spirit communication created by George Meeks,  Marcello Bacci, and other ITC communicators. Finding ways to establish better communication or output of responses. 

Built to spec from Steve's strict requirements, these are Genuine Portal devices meant to be used with a spirit box, shack hack or app.

Mr. Huff just doesn't have the time it takes to build a PORTAL for everyone that wants one. And so, he has commissioned Gotcha Ghost to build each order for the individual customer.

How It Works

The Portal is comprised of an amplifier, a noise reducer, and a reverb unit. The noise reducer acts like the squelch circuit on a two-way radio; weeding out the noise and only allowing voices and certain sounds to come through. The reverb unit enhances the EVP and carries the signal farther so diction is much better.

We now carry a Portal System to our customers or if you want you can buy the parts yourself and Build Your Own Portal. 

Please be aware that the unit you receive will be custom made from new as well as used parts. Used parts may not be in great cosmetic condition, but they will be in perfect working order.

Exact colors and part models may vary depending on what's available. But the device will have the same integrity as a device with all new parts and will be tested to work exactly the same.

This is what you get with this Portal PRO Edition purchase built by the engineer. 


  • ZT Amplifier 
  • Noise Killer pedal
  • HOF Pre-Programmed Reverb pedal
  • Amethyst Crystal, Copper Wire Wrapped
  • Blue or Red Lights
  • Power Supply Splitter
  • OPTIONAL 12 volt battery supply available

Due to high demand for this device, please allow up to 2 weeks before your order ships. These are made to order and some parts are hard to come by. Your patience is appreciated!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the experimental nature of this device, we do not accept returns. Repairs and Service are done by Gotcha Ghost.

90 Day warranty

Lifetime Service and Repairs Available

Add the Option add-on in our store- 12 Volt Battery Pack attachment for Portal (takes 8 AA batteries- not included**). This attachment can be used when a power outlet is not available. 



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