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Ghost Outlet Company History

Ghost Outlet has been serving Ghost Hunting enthusiasts online since 2006. Previously Unknown Magazine since 1997.

Our company goal is to offer and maintain the lowest possible prices on the Items we sell to earn your business. We only carry equipment that we believe in and use ourselves,  as well as offer a warehouse of collectables and rare items for sale to true and unique collectors.

We will offer you, our customer, the best possible service and continue to work with top engineers and researchers in the community from around the world. Whatever we learn, we will pass on to you. is owned and operated by a paranormal investigator, Chris Fleming, who has been investigating and contributing to the field since 1976. 

Since the age of 9 (1976), he has been fascinated with ESP, EVP and instrumental Trans Communication due to his childhood encounters with ghosts and apparitions. It has become his personal mission to continue finding evidence and data to support life after death and the existance of consciouss energy (spirit) outside the body.