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P-SB7 FM & AM Spirit Box w FREE Speaker



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with FREE MUSIC BALL SPEAKER. While supplies last!

The worlds #1 ITC ghost box, has same case and dimensions as original but with revisions.

The latest model is the REV.03 revision.

It includes:

  • Free Music Ball Snap-On Speaker (not sold separately)
  • Speaker Includes USB connection for laptop or computer
  • Noise-canceling circuitry on the FM channel
  • Full AM sweep
  • Equally Balanced FM and AM sweep so both can be heard
  • Am refinements, creating more radio detail in the AM bandwidth giving you clearer sound during the sweep session.

I first introduced the P-SB7 on Ghost Adventures live in 2009 and have captured some of the most remarkable ITC communications in my lifetime. I personally love the AM mode, but occasionally use the FM mode as well. I am looking forward to the revisions on the new 2015 SB7 unit.

The FM frequency sweep method has clearly become the preferred technique used by Zak on Ghost Adventures and is used by paranormal enthusiasts worldwide.

“As an avid ITC researcher I do reccommend anyone getting this unit if you want a great ITC device to hold in your hand and capture DRVPs.

You can use the MP3 external speaker that comes with it or upgrade to your own high quality external speaker. I use the Altec Speaker during all my sessions.”

– Chris Fleming co-creator of the Spirit Box with Gary Galka.


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