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New SLS Camera at an affordable price!

Each order is Made to order!*

Your order includes the following:

  • Mobile Kinect Unit
  • 8″ Windows Tablet w windows installed
  • 12V rechargeable power supply
  • Handgrip / Mini Tripod Unit
  • Pre-Assembled
  • Programs Installed to run the SLS Camera.

Your Tablet can also be used when not connected to the SLS for:

  • EVP Software
  • Dual Cameras for Pics/Video
  • Audio Recording and More

Record Video with Sound

Your unit is installed with a Screen Capture software in order for you to document your SLS Cam sessions. This includes sound as well as the Kinect imaging.

(You will need to complete the set up of this software when you receive your device)

Kinect Sensor xbox 360

Your unit has been modified to use the Kinect xbox 360 sensor and is powered by a rechargeable battery supply.

Grip Handle / Mini Tripod

Your Kinect Cam will come with a grip/handle that also folds out into a mini tripod. Although a mobile device, I have found that using a sturdy full-size tripod with tilt abilities works best for me to monitor a room.*  (* Full-size tripod not included come with grip and mini only ).


Does It Work?

This device is an experimental research tool. We suggest you utilize this device like you would with any paranormal device or gadget. Run experiments. Log and catalog your data. Any anomalies captured record and collect for study. Post your results. If you notice any false positives or glitches, please let us know and share with us. If and when you capture any strange anomalies, also please share so we can review and discuss with the paranormal community.

Joe, the engineer who modifies cameras for us and put this device together for his own use before states:

“I can’t express how blown away I was with this camera when I was testing it out for the first few sessions. Within no time, I had captured a small entity perched on my shoulders and responding to my vocal requests. Later, a figure no more than 3 feet tall stood on my right side and proceeded to hold my hand on request.

Needless to say, I must harbor many beings within the confines of my work area because of the work I do on a daily basis. The downside is that I hadn’t yet installed the recording software and so no video of my experiences exists.” – Joe

Please, share with us your results in regards to this new experimental SLS cam.

What does it do?

This camera will detect humans and animals in absolute darkness or full light. It also seems to see anomalies when there is nothing there the naked eye can see. We assume this to be spirits if and when they respond to direct communication via requests and responsive actions. Not just showing up and disappearing randomly. You can record video directly to the tablet or to SD card. Make sure to record your sessions.

Here’s how it works:

It runs off of a rechargeable battery pack for up to 4 hours of continuous use (dependent on settings).

It uses an RGB camera with depth sensor and infrared light projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor which sees everything not as a flat image, but as dots arranged in a 3D environment. These 1000’s of infrared dots allow the camera to “see” depth and detail like a sonar.

The installed software can recognize people by distinguishing body parts, joints and movements.

It shows a person-shaped object on the screen that you cannot see with the naked eye then there is something there ( anomalies)  the IR is detecting and the programming is recognized as a human shape based on body parts and joints together.


These are individually made cameras so please allow 7-10 working days for shipping. Due to size of shipment shipping P&H is roughly $20-39 domestic and $49-$70+ International.

NOTE: This is an Experimental research tool modified and packaged for paranormal research for paranormal investigators, ghost hunters and psychical researchers to use test and share results. This paranormal modified product is Not affiliated in any way with Kinect, Xbox or Microsoft and being sold only for research and testing purposes.


IMPORTANT: “It is highly recommended that the tablet be used exclusively for the Kinect camera system only. Don’t connect to wi-fi and don’t install updates as this will interfere with disk space and functionality.”

Weight 6 lbs


  1. dkiefer62711 (verified owner)


    First I was a little skeptical of ordering the device – just because most places are charging more (as much as $900 more) . I even considered building one myself- but it would cost more than this one. Having ordered from Chris/ in the past and never being disappointed- I saved the headache of building my own and took a shot. While others sell the camera with all used items I was impressed to get a brand new tablet with the software preloaded.- something that would of swayed me quicker had I known this upfront. The camera unit was used but it GREAT shape. Cords are tucked away very well and secured as they need to be. Assembly was easy and the instructions are clear. Even troubleshooting and software changes and preferences are clear.

    I have several decades in the paranormal field, so to test the device’s ease of use I gave it to two people with no experience. They easily operated the device and both obtained clear evidence.

    The only critiques I would have on this item is the pistol grip has a lot of play. It by no means is the fault of anyone but the company making that particular item (since it is made via assembled parts of other manufacturers) . I have checked and all the pistol grips that convert into a tripod do the same. (2) The tablet fills quickly so remove any unwanted software and get external memory. (3) Items should be signed (or at least logo-ed by Chris/ But by no means do these critiques mean I am disappointed.

    I have no doubt this product will last for years of investigating. The price will make it a wanted tool in everyone’s kit. The ease of use and clear ability to capture evidence will render it a necessity.

    Thanks Chris/ for another great find (and not gouging people on the price)!
    David K.

  2. chrisadmin

    Thank you for your comments David. Glad you like it.

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